Being picky about a cannabis vape pen design

I started out as a fan of smoking dried marijuana flower.

  • However, the smoke, smells, ash plus need for specialized gear was often a problem.

I decided to provide vaping a try, vaping cannabis provides a absolutely similar experience to smoking a joint. It avoids the negatives plus offers convenience plus a fantastic flavor burst, because the process eliminates combustions, it preserves more of the cannabinoids plus terpenes. The experience is especially enjoyable. As I’ve experimented with unusual types of refillable plus disposable pens, I’ve gotten quite particular about quality. With so many chances on the market, buying the right vape pen requires some attention to detail. I start by looking for quality airflow. Airflow is severely pressing. I want the ability to adjust the airflow plus a pen designed to promote high-performance air intake. Increased airflow isn’t quite as extreme on the throat. It results in more vapor plus a coller draw. I also prefer a vape pen that automatically turns off. I can be forgetful. A vape pen that shuts off automatically after fifteen or twenty hours helps to preserve battery life… Long-lasting battery power is also a priority. I don’t want to discover a dead battery right when I’m absolutely hoping to prefer a vape. I prefer pens that include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. I can usually get a week’s worth of battery life from a single charge. The batter pens provide at least many power settings. Having chances lets me customize the dosage per inhale plus personalize the experience. Those marijuana vape pens that offer a USB charging port are super convenient. The better, more current designs feature a battery life indicator, power settings plus charging status.

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