Better healing thanks to cannabis

Anticipation sure is a funny thing. I tend to get all caught up in expectations only to have the actual event be somewhat disappointing. But when it came to legalizing recreational marijuana, that was just so much better than I ever thought it could be. When it became clear that medical marijuana was so clearly a success in our state, the recreational marijuana discussion was only logical! I was able to get a firsthand look at some of the local impact once the cannabis laws were changed. I entirely live just around the corner from a cannabis grower, for decades, my neighbor had to grow sativa plus indica strains unquestionably much on the down low. This cannabis grow was into providing cannabis for people who needed it, however actually, I’m not sure the woman even charged for all of her cannabis products. Mostly, she gave it away to people who actually needed it plus we are suffering. I happened to be a lucky recipient plus she made my experience with cancer much more manageable. My neighbor the cannabis grower had all weird kinds of Indica strains as well as sativa strains she had purposely grown for cancer patients. It simply pulled myself and others through that treatment plus got myself and others to remission. Of course, that was years ago plus now my neighbor has been able to scale up her operation plus quit her job… So now she is a full time cannabis grower. I’m just thankful both of us finally all came to our senses when it comes to the benefits of cannabis.

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