Better to rely on cannabis than pills

When I developed anxiety in my late 50s it was a huge pain in the butt, however i couldn’t drive without pulling over to breathe.

I had to frequently leave my desk to wig out in the bathroom.

It was a constant thorn in my side. I went to the nurse and since I am a guy in my 50s I was forced to get a prostate exam in order to get any sort of medication! Afterwards getting my pills was constantly a mess, the pharmacy never called in my order, I would forget to contact them, I never picked up the pills, there was constantly a mess. I tended to be off my anxiety pills more than on, but when my prescription ran out I would procrastinate going back to the nurse because I hated it so bad. Finally I found a better solution online, then medical cannabis can be used to treat anxiety. That nurse’s appointment was so much better. I just had to wait in a waiting room and then answer a few questions the nurse asked. A bit of papers, a small fee and I had a medical cannabis card, but relying on medical weed is way better than my pills too. The cannabis dispensary is right on my way to work. They also don’t need to call in anything and there is no waiting process. When I need my weed, I just go over and they have it right there. The trip is a pleasant one so I don’t procrastinate about it either. I now undoubtedly have help for my anxiety.


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