Better ways to smoke medical cannabis

The worst way to get high is by smoking blunts. I’m sorry if that offends you, but I have smoked weeds in every way possible, and blunts are by far the worst. Let me explain why. First, a blunt is rolled in a cigar wrapper, which has such a strong flavor it totally eclipses the taste of the weed. I love the taste of weed, why would I want it to taste like a cigar? Secondly, a blunt requires a ludicrous amount of marijuana to fill it up completely. Last but not least, a blunt is so hard to roll it usually ends up soaked in saliva, which is disgusting. I enjoy the taste of medical marijuana, and I don’t like it dripping with the saliva of other people, so I have partaken in a blunt for years. Medical marijuana stores have such an impressive selection for me to choose from, so I like to pick out my weed very carefully. I usually smoke medical cannabis out of my glass pipe, or sometimes a water bong, because I feel these are the best ways to taste the flavors at play. If all you have is ditch weed, then the blunt wrapped obscures the terrible taste with another terrible taste, but I smoke high end medical cannabis and I want to savor it. When it comes to booze, most of them taste the same to me but that is not true when it comes to medical cannabis. I choose something new and different every single time I go to the medical cannabis dispensary.

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