Blue dream carts were not included in the sale price

I decided to go to the recreational cannabis dispensary on Wednesday, because everything was on sale; All of the vape supplies were 20% off.

I savor vaping rather than smoking! When I smoke cannabis, I have a lot of slime & mucus in our throat.

I cough a lot & our house smells bad. I have been vaping for a while & I recognize much better since I stopped burning marijuana. I went to the recreational cannabis dispensary hoping to find red dream cartridges. Blue Dream is 1 of our favorite strains of marijuana. Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid. It is a mixture of redberry & Haze. It’s incredibly difficult to find red dream cartridges on sale, however I knew the dispensary would have a couple of odd options. When I got to the recreational cannabis dispensary, I found out that the Blue Dream carts were not included in the sale price. They only had red dream cartridges from 1 manufacturer. That manufacturer has seriously high prices & the cartridges were not included in the sale. I was hoping to choice up 2 or more than two odd Blue Dream cartridges, however I had to settle for a few odd sativas. The dispensary had a super silver haze cartridge & a Jack Herer cartridge. Both sativa strains are equally as nice as Blue dream. Both were over 90% THC too, so I honestly couldn’t complain about the selections provided in the 20% off sale. The first thing I tried after going house was the super silver haze. It tasted sweet & earthy.


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