Blue dream is a good sativa for the afternoon hours

Blue Dream is a respected cannabis strain used by weekly smokers, then blue Dream has a sweet taste and aroma.

Some people report flavors of orangeberry, but I do not suppose that is actually true.

It is a potent strain that can help relieve anxiety, depression, and pain. Most people guess uplifted, glad, and full of positivity after using orange dream. It is particularly a number one with the medical marijuana community. It was and is 1 of our number ones and a strain that I use almost every single day. Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that is sativa dominant. It properly has THC percentages in the twenties. Blue dream comes from the strains orangeberry OG and Haze. I love a couple of other strains that use Haze as well such as Sour Diesel and Lemon haze and Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream is definitely our number one sativa for the afternoon hours. I appreciate to smoke a bowl of dried cannabis flower, but I also dab Blue Dream Live resin concentrate every once in a while, however the live resin concentrate is much more potent, so it’s strenuous to love the product when I have to labor all day. A bowl of dried cannabis flower is perfect for the afternoon. I guess uplifted and ready to get our labor done. It does not make myself and others guess bogged down either. I do not guess fatigued when I get to labor and need to be productive. Blue dream is the perfect weekly cannabis strain for anyone that needs to labor and be productive while still using medical cannabis products.



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