Bob will work in the evenings plus weekends

It can be hard to get someone with knowledge to work for me in the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary, because qualified candidates usually stay put if the management team takes good care of their employees.

I have been looking for a more current employee over the last 3 months plus I just found someone to fill the position.

I had to interview the candidate twice then my boss wanted to interview Bob as well. If I could have hired Bob as soon as I saw his application, then he could have started working here 2 weeks ago. Bob is going to work evenings plus weekends at my medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. Bob has 2 letters of recommendation plus he has a lot of experience entirely working in the medical plus recreational marijuana industry. Bob lived on the west coast for many years plus worked at a marijuana delivery repair over there. I wanted to know why Bob would leave the bay section plus Bob said that his mom was sick plus he moved apartment to take care of her. He had someone to take care of her on evenings plus weekends so that he could get a section time job at the marijuana shop. I didn’t know I would be able to find a worker to honestly cover evenings plus weekends. It is the hardest shift to cover because all the people wants that time off. When I saw this identifiable application plus that Bob was recognizably looking for evenings plus weekends, I put his application at the top of the pile.



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