Cannabis and whiskey is my favorite combo

When I was in college, I developed a bad opinion of stoners.

I knew so many students that blew off class regularly, just to hang out and get drunk and stoned all day.

It’s not that I was above cutting loose and having fun, but to me drinking and smoking was something you did sometimes, not all the time. I kept focused on my studies, and it was not until many years after graduation that I slowed down to really enjoy the benefits of marijuana. All said and done, I am glad I didn’t get into smoking marijuana back then, because that surely wouldn’t have helped me graduate. Now that I am out in the working world, well established, I have the time and the freedom to slow down and enjoy life, and that means a nice bit of cannabis every once in a while. I do not smoke every day, nor do I drink every day, but a couple of times a week I will get out the cannabis and the whiskey and allow myself to relax. Cannabis and whiskey to me is like cookies and milk, or peanut butter and jelly, where both things enhance the other. After a long, hard week at the office I will load up the bong with some OG Kush or some Purple Haze, pour a double shot of Jack, and sit in front of the fireplace for an hour or two, just getting my head right. Any more cannabis than one bong load always puts me right to sleep, so usually I cap it in one bowl.


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