Cannabis and whiskey make my life more exciting

I remember when I was a younger gentleman, & I used to party to get psyched up to go out to another party.

It’s not so easy for an old person who is like me to believe, but I would drink a 6-pack of beer just to pregame for the real drinking experience later on.

I would get started with taking pills in the middle of the afternoon, just so I would honestly feel “right” when it came time to go dancing or see a show. Currently, I still do the same things – I drink booze, eat pills, & smoke cannabis – but in a more controlled way. After enjoying my whiskey & a full marijuana joint I am in no condition to go out! I suppose this is all a part of growing up, but since I am still young at heart I refuse to give up whiskey & cannabis. My medical professional says that whiskey & cannabis are both a lot more risky at my age. I told my medical professional “that’s fine, I will stop smoking marijuana & drinking bourbon when I’ve left this world.” I played it off essentially like a joke, but I am not so sure it is a joke. Honestly, without a weekly dose of cannabis to keep me mellow, is life even worth living? At my age all I have left these days is aches & pains & a slow decline in my physical health. I might live for a short while longer if I give up whiskey & cannabis, but those added years wouldn’t be very exciting.


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