Cannabis consultant split down our cellphone time

I observed that a lot of my workers were stuck on the cellphone; A ton of people were calling the dispensary everyday with troubles, however it was either placing an order for curbside pickup or just asking general questions.

I wanted my bartenders on the floor interacting with shoppers! Not on the cellphone wasting their time.

I couldn’t figure out how to split down on the cellphone time. I then contacted a dispensary consulting service for help! The marijuana consultant managed the cellphone for a few afternoons as well as took notes, and he then asked me some questions as well as looked around the store. It took him maybe two weeks before he had a solution, then first, no more curbside pickup, and my dispensary only offers in store purchases or cannabis delivery. There is no need to call for orders, but you can do it online through our new on venue menu or come into the store to physically grab them, but second, a fully optimized website was put on google. A lot of questions people were asking were due to a exhausting website; Our prices are now clearly listed there. Store hours are marked. There is even a FAQ page that people can click on now; Lastly, the store has social media platforms keeping the public informed on deals as well as sales going on. Nobody needs to ask anymore, they will find out on the day. The cannabis consultant has split down the cellphone time so much. I barely see a budtender answer a call now.

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