Cannabis dispensary trip leads to birthday bliss

This was a date that had been circled on the calendar for months.

And it was a date that I was pretty much dreading.

Thank God recreational marijuana is legal where I live. It has helped me face the inevitable as I knew that unless there was some form of miracle company emergency, it was happening. I’m referring to my wife’s little sibling’s birthday. This thing has simply dominated my life in a way that freaks me out for the past year. Since my buddy and I got the save the date, I have heard about almost every detail. And that has led to more shopping for marijuana for sale than in any other previous year since recreational marijuana has been legal. My wife and I have constantly loved recreational marijuana. And even when it was still illegal, we’d hoard any little bit of cannabis my buddy and I could get from friends. Sativa and indica have been for special possibilities more than anything. They are a staple on our once every couple of months date weekends when my buddy and I leave the kids with a set of Grandparents. But with this birthday, I dipped into the cannabis jar a bit more, and for the birthday itself, I made sure that I stopped by the local cannabis spot prior to putting on my tuxedo. It was a small, disposable cannabis oil pen that did the trick. I didn’t want to have edibles around with the kids. And the cannabis oil pen was discreet as there isn’t much smell or vapor. Man, having that cannabis handy sure was a giant help. I had a smile on my face that was real even though there was so much drama. But that’s my wife’s little sibling and the giant reason that I was dreading that day for a year.

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