Cannabis farming can be a source of terror

Every year thousands of people go missing in the woods, forests, and parks of America never to be seen again.

If this sounds like the premise for a twisted horror or slasher film, you’re right! It’s already been the premise behind a dozen unusual horror films in the last few years.

Also, it happens to be true. Thousands of people vanish in the woods of this nation every single year. Where do they all go? People guess all manner of crazy theories, like Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, or Aliens. I have another pet theory, one that is much more grounded in reality. I guess that a lot of those people run afoul of evil cannabis farmers in the deep woods, and are not allowed to leave. If you guess this sounds nuts then you apparently have never been to an illegal cannabis farm. Way out in the boonies there are survivalists and hillbillies that grow cannabis as a currency crop, and protect their trade with guns and violence. The friendly neighborhood cannabis business may be honestly peaceful and chill, however the people who grow the crops are nothing like that. These are not the placid, Zen hippies you have seen on TV, because cannabis farming is drastic business with violent and drastic consequences. There was a cannabis growing operating in CA was was eventually tried for a series of fifteen murders. When someone snuck into their cannabis farm, they would be killed. Isn’t that shocking? Medical cannabis is such an amazing way to enhance life, it’s shocking to learn that weed is cultivated by such scary people. Think about that the next time you stop by the cannabis dispensary.

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