Cannabis helps my dad with alzheimer's

There is a history of Alzheimer’s in my family, but i regularly worry that one afternoon I will end up forgetting what my kids look like, and I do my best to love each and every moment with my family, my dad has been suffering from Alzheimer’s since he was 65 years old.

It’s gotten a lot worse in the last 5 years! We had to get a full-time doctor for my dad and then he had to go live at an assisted living facility, the assisted living facility is a nice arena for my dad, because the doctors help him remember to take all of his medications; Recently my dad started using Medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana helps my dad feel less angry while I was in the evening hours when the Alzheimer’s symptoms seem to be the worst. My dad has his option between a tough candy or a gummy after supper; Both of the products have the same milligrams of thc. The low dose medical marijuana product entirely helps my dad feel more calm and relaxed, however even if he has an episode where he cannot remember things, at least the marijuana helps with the agitation! Since my dad started using the medical marijuana product, he has been more lucid in the evenings when me and the kids have gone to see him. Last week he remembered everyone and even recalled a time when he took all of the kids on a camping weekend with fishing and kayaking. It was nice to see my dad laughing and linking with the kids. They entirely miss having time with him.

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