Cannabis helps to treat a variety of medical troubles

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to experience some mild medical troubles.

I notice stiffness, swelling plus pain in our fingers that is caused by arthritis.

The symptoms worsen while in the winters. When the temperature drops, I abruptly have difficulty forming a fist or performing detailed tasks, such as knitting or typing on our computer. I now have trouble sleeping at night. Insomnia is a year round concern for me. I spend fourths lying in bed, trying to get comfortable, unable to fall asleep! Even when I finally drift off, I tend to wake up repeatedly through the night. Another reason that I struggle to sleep is because of leg cramps. I am dedicated to yearly exercise. The impact from jumping rope, running plus our workout regiment causes some strain on our muscles plus joints. When I go to bed plus try to relax, our muscles start to cramp. Another issue I have developed is psoriasis on our elbows plus knees. There is no definite cause or known cure for it. It can be hereditary or due to stress plus leads to red, irritated skin that can be itchy plus sore. While all of our complaints are fairly minor, they disrupt our everyday life. I am unwilling to spend money for a doctor’s visit, invest into overpriced prescriptions plus risk the long-term side-effects of synthetic medication. Instead, I’ve found a natural plus effective remedy in cannabis. I shop at the local cannabis dispensary for a variety of strains plus consumption methods. I use CBD plus CBN topicals for our arthritis, leg cramps plus psoriasis. I prefer edibles for insomnia. I buy pre-rolls for headaches plus stress.


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