Cannabis infused herbs and spices are great

My friends in addition to I went to an expo a couple of weeks ago in addition to there were a lot of odd cannabis infused products at the expo… My friends in addition to I walked around the odd stands for 2 afternoons in addition to all of us saw a lot of cool products, but I finally picked out a lot of products to take condo with me, but one of the products was a jar of cannabis infused herbs in addition to spices, however the herbs in addition to spices contained garlic, pepper, chili powder, salt, pepper, in addition to a variety of additional spices.

  • There was also cannabis inside of the entire blend.

When you disattached the lid from the jar, it was easy to tell that the herbs in addition to spices were infused with cannabis. I really prefer cooking with cannabis infused products. I use the herbs in addition to spices on all of the proteins that I make on the stove prefer fish, chicken, steak, in addition to pork, then steak is absolutely my number one thing to Infuse with the herbs in addition to spices because the earthiness of the marijuana product really changes the flavor of the steak. I also guess that cannabis makes the steak much more tender in addition to juicy. I could eat steak for breakfast, lunch in addition to lunch if it’s covered with the cannabis infusion blend. I wish that I would have picked out more of the odd herbs in addition to spices that were infused with cannabis. There was another crazy blend that was lemon in addition to pepper. I think that would have been really superb on fish in addition to chicken. I hope to see these special products in a cannabis dispensary near myself and others sooner rather than later.


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