Cannabis is helping my mental health

And I stopped working so much

It’s still sort of amazing that I can simply walk into a cannabis store. Well, I guess it’s amazing that there are even cannabis stores to start with! This certainly was not the case when I used recreational marijuana back in the day. Back then, you got your recreational pot pretty much wherever you could locate it and moved on. But these days, I can simply walk into the cannabis store near me and get the legal weed that is helping me live a better life. It became clear about 18 months ago that it was time to move away from the life that was just sort of making me miserable. After years and years of forcing myself to go to the same job that I really didn’t like, I just couldn’t do it anymore. But it took going to therapy to realize that I needed to approach my life from a more holistic point of view. Trips to the weed store were going to be a big part of that. My therapist helped me formulate a plan where I would work to straighten out the lifestyle changes that were a result of my work situation. I changed my diet, started exercising, got my rest, began meditation and added legal weed to that mix. And I stopped working so much. The bosses didn’t like that so much but the quality of my work was elevated with all the other changes and not making my job the main priority in life. I’ve never been happier in my life and I owe a lot of the credit to the cannabis store near me.


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