Cannabis is the best medicine

I have been told that laughter is the best medicine.

Based on my own personal experience I have to say that cannabis is the best medicine.

I am starting to suspect there is a strong connection between these two things, because when does anyone laugh as much as when they get stoned? Getting high makes everything seem a little less serious, which quite frankly is the reason I consider it to be “the best medicine.” Most of life’s problems melt away when you can relax and enjoy yourself, right? Unlike alcohol, tobacco, or other addictive drugs, cannabis is a stress reliever with no addictive qualities or weird side effects. Once I had a girlfriend tell me that I smoked too much cannabis, and I told her that she obviously didn’t smoke enough! That relationship didn’t last long. It was only when I found a woman who loved marijuana and laughter as much as I do that I settled down. Jenny and I are more than lovers and spouses, we are also best friends. We love doing things like going to the cannabis dispensary together, just to sample around and find something new. We have each other and don’t need anyone else, so most of our nights are spent on the couch, sharing some cannabis and watching movies together. Jenny is either the funniest woman alive, or the cannabis makes her seem that way! I always laugh a lot when I am with her, but to be honest I still think she is funny even when we are not smoking cannabis together.

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