Cannabis is the best sleep aid I’ve ever used

I used to take all weird kinds of pills and meds to try and help myself and others sleep.

Some of it worked, but it rarely worked for that long before our body adjusted to it.

Benadryl worked for a few months, but then I had to take more and more of them to achieve the same results. When you reach the point that taking 5 Benadryl doesn’t help you sleep for more than an hour or two, then you suppose it’s time to try something else. My saving grace came in the form of cannabis, and an associate that helped myself and others sleep better than I ever had before. My associate Patsy didn’t have any sleep troubles, she didn’t use cannabis for medicinal purposes she just liked being high, however Patsy saw that I was struggling, and provided myself and others a little medical cannabis with the advice to use it right before bed and see what happened. Two bowls of OG Kush later and I was lights out, and I slept through the entire evening! Ever since then I have been a staunch cannabis user, and smoke a little bit before bed every evening. Whereas the other sleeping aids and meds regularly led to myself and others developing a tolerance against them, that is not accurate when it comes to medical cannabis. With so numerous hundreds of indica strains to choose from, our body can never adjust to medical cannabis. I spoke to our doc about these results, and even though she wasn’t surprised she said she still couldn’t write myself and others an Rx for medical cannabis. Maybe I need a more modern doctor?



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