Cannabis made the date a real hit

I’m not a player. In fact, when it comes to dating I’m sort of the complete opposite. I’m terribly shy around women and have been that way throughout my life. Thankfully, I’m pretty good at responding to interest from others although I just never can make the first move. Were it not for cannabis products, I know I’d be even more inept. I actually was that way in highschool. That wasn’t a good time for me. So I dedicated myself to academics just to get myself to college. There, I found that I fit in a bit better but once I found recreational marijuana, it felt as though I had almost satisfactory social skills. That was a life-changing epiphany for me and a revelation all at once. Since then, I entirely haven’t been anxious at all about normal encounters. But when I asked a girl named Sarah I’d been having Tim Hortons Coffee with to join me for a day hike, I was scared. To my surprise, Sarah readily accepted and my pal and I ended up meeting near this awesome trail that I enjoy very much. There are incredible views and nature abounds. There is even this sizable meadow that’s perfect for a picnic. I came ready with some lovely cannabis edibles that I had picked up fresh from the cannabis cafe. It was a perfect capper for a lovely picnic. Sarah and I nibbled on the pastry edible a bit but didn’t want to go too far. It was perfect because just that much cannabis made a lovely day just simply brilliant. That was the first of what has now been several months of dating Sarah. And it hasn’t been our last shared cannabis edible either.
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