Cannabis products and the love of my life

It has been about six or seven months since I just completely lost it inside the office.

And this wasn’t the first time that I had not been able to control my fury, frustration and anger.

It simply was the first time that I couldn’t control those things in public. I hated the way that felt however it came with the positive of finding a way to return to the cannabis dispensary. After an absolutely long talk with my wife Jen, I began to unpack just how honestly exasperated I was with the way my life was going. And Jen reminded me that this was also the case when I was so overwhelmed in school. That’s entirely how Jen and I met. A friend recommended that I relax at her condo and smoke some cannabis. That friend was one of Jen’s roommates… Not to say I fell for her that 1st night over some pretty great marijuana however there was something there for sure. From there, Jen and I got more and more close. But I was also such a high achiever that much of my time was dominated with studying, classes and over studying some more. That’s when Jen found some sativa strains for me to sample. Mind you, this was an afternoon when Jen and I were just dating and finding identifiable sativa strains for sale was not at all easy. But Jen found them and they helped me regain my perspective. So of course, this is what she recommended again. And off Jen and I made the decision to go to the local cannabis spot to see about getting me some sativa products. I’m feeling blissful that this incident happened in the office because it led me back to smoking sativa strains and a balanced perspective.

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