Cannabis & PTSD are wonderful partners

When I was a young child, I had a easily traumatic childhood filled with problems. My mother was an alcoholic & my father was in & out of prison all the time. My mom used to leave my brother & I condo alone for multiple afternoons at a time. The state finally took my brother & I away from our parents when I was numerous & my brother was six! We were venued in the foster care system; Believe it or not, our lives honestly improved after both of us were taken from our parents & venued in the system. My brother & I ended up going to the same home. The couple that took us had a single other foster child that they had adopted. My brother & I lived with them for 3 years & then they adopted us as well. Jack & I were & are easily fortunate that our parents wanted to provide us a wonderful life after both of us were venued in the system. My mom wanted us to have wonderful mental health, so she insisted that both of us go to a therapist once a week. I was tested with drastic PTSD. The doctor requested a pill for depression & I started taking a bi-weekly dose every single afternoon. When I was 18 years old, I looked into cannabis. I learn studies online that showed a direct correlation between cannabis & the relief of PTSD symptoms. My doctor agreed to provide me a prescription for medical cannabis & the results have been amazing. When I use medical cannabis, I guess much more gleeful & at peace with myself.


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