Cannabis strains can help with nervousness

During this month, the weather has easily been worse than the two of us have regularly seated this region.

The two of us have been in this area for a very short time but even 50 year local people say the storm has been quite a surprise.

Waves around the coastline have been about 30 or 40 ft. In this area it honestly felt like a hurricane to all of us even if it was the month of february. Many Surfers went to try to get there but beaches were patrolled strictly by State Police officials as well as State Forest rangers. They were not going to let a single person out there as it would have easily been a huge life threat. It was extraordinarily hard for myself as well as others to actually manage throughout the storm. Every one of us were evacuated on New Years and then state police officers said we only had 30 hours to get away from our lake beach house before there was a dam that broke as well as washed the whole bridge out. That bridge never even washes out but it was continuing to rain as well as there was a threat to life that put us in imminent danger. And then during those catastrophes the two of us had to use lots of cannabis strains. These cannabis strains were regularly the only thing that kept us from going insane. The two of us had lots of marijuana strains like blue dream as well as OG Kush that we purchased together from a marijuana dispensary nearby.


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