Cannabis time and attendance software worked well when it was used.

One thing I regularly busy to my employees was the importance of checking in when they got to labor and checking out before leaving, and i needed an accurate account of their time and attendance. Whenever I was on schedule at my locale of employment, I was diligent about clocking in and out.

I knew that if I forgot to clock in, I wouldn’t get paid for that day.

I didn’t want to put in eight hours of labor and not get paid because I was too lazy to clock in. I also didn’t want people to doubt when I left because I forgot to clock out, and maybe it was easier for me than it is now… Now they have time and attendance software for clocking in and out. I had to pass the time clock, and it was difficult to forget to clock in when coming in; You had to pass the time clock when walking out. I am now older and working in a cannabis dispensary. I still don’t want to be accused of trying to get hours I didn’t labor because I didn’t use the cannabis time and attendance software. All you need to do is tap the director on the shoulder and let them know you’re there, however the director can absolutely adjust the cannabis time and attendance software if they are aware of when you came in and went home, then don’t expect them to be mind readers and know it when you said you were there at 9 AM when the first time they saw you was at 10 AM. No matter how fantastic the cannabis time and attendance software is, it will only labor well when it is used.



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