Cannabis topicals for arthritis relief

I have developed issues with arthritis in my hands.

The fingers of my right hand often feel tight, stiff and sore.

They swelled up to the point where I needed to cut my rings off. I know there are medications available, but I’m unwilling to take pharmaceuticals. Instead, I looked into more natural remedies and came across cannabis. I ended up paying a visit to a local recreational dispensary and consulting with a budtender. I was not aware that it’s possible and beneficial to apply cannabis products directly to the skin. There is a whole line of cannabis-infused creams, balms and salves available at the dispensary that provide potent treatments. They can be used for skincare, cosmetics, first aid and all sorts of topical applications. Cannabis topicals don’t cause a high sensation. They work because of unique cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These active compounds engage specific receptors on the surface of the skin that regulate inflammation and the production of sebum. Plus, the terpenes that provide the smell of cannabis also offer therapeutic benefits. I typically look for pinene terpenes that smell a lot like pine needles and are an expectorant much like an all-natural Vapor Rub. Another common terpene is linalool, which provides cooling properties. While cannabinoids are bigger molecules that don’t necessarily soak deep into the skin, terpenes tend to penetrate. I look for cannabis topicals that contain both cannabinoids and terpenes. I’ve found that certain topicals are especially anti-inflammatory. I’m able to apply the topical to a specific area for localized relief multiple times per day. The addition of essential oils such as lavender offers a really lovely smell. The topicals absorb quickly and have made it possible for me to enjoy my normal and favorite activities.

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