CBD and hemp oil differences

Occasionally I take a hemp seed oil and put it directly on my skin

For a long time I thought that CBD oil and hemp oil were basically the same thing. I didn’t understand why one was heavily featured in cannabis dispensaries while others you could buy at an open marketplace. I finally figured out how the oil is extracted is very different. The CBD oil is taken from stalks, leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil is actually from the tiny seeds in the cannabis plant. Obviously CBD oil has a high CBD content which means it can provide all sorts of medical benefits. While hemp is a medical helper as well, it just isn’t as powerful as CBD. Also, it is possible the CBD oil will have traces of THC in it as well. That is why you can’t just purchase a typical CBD oil online but hemp seed oil is always readily available. I have found my uses for the two oils are very different. CBD oil I like to put a few drops in my tea to help me sleep at night. My joints feel like they are in less pain and I feel relaxed to finally drift off into bed. Hemp oil is more nutritional beneficial. I feel like it is less annoying than taking a vitamin. Occasionally I take a hemp seed oil and put it directly on my skin. It has been known to reduce fine lines and leave the skin looking younger, fresher and smelling nice. Both oils are handy to keep on hand and can be found in the cannabis dispensary near you.


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