Choosing between quality and cannabis and paying rent

I was three days late paying rent last month. I have been in this same apartment for three years, and have developed a rapport with the landlord. Because of this relationship, he allowed me to slide those three days. He told me that it couldn’t happen again, because every month he had tenants giving him excuses for late payment. I decided to crack down on my budget and reduce spending, so that I am not in the same predicament next month! In a few months I should have some extra money saved up as an emergency fund, until then I need to tighten up! I started to look at the local cannabis dispensary websites to see if anyone was having a special sale. One of my biggest expenses is on cannabis, so that was the first place I needed to cut spending. Normally I buy everything from the cannabis dispensary, so that I know exactly what I am getting. This time I decided to call an old friend, who I knew sold cannabis out of his garage as a side hustle to his day job. I discovered that I could get an ounce of cannabis from him for half of what I was paying at the cannabis dispensary. Once I bought it and smoked it, I realized why his marijuana was so cheap – it was crap! The old saying goes “you get what you pay for” and when it comes to cannabis it is 100% true. Now I need to choose between smoking quality cannabis or getting my rent paid on time.



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