Competition between cannabis dispensaries

Just three years ago this whole town was dry as a bone.

There were a couple of different people that sold weed from their farms, but the quality was sketchy and the availability was very infrequent.

Now it is a whole new ball game around here, and we have no less than three different cannabis dispensaries to choose from. If you have ever heard the expression “being spoiled for choice” this is a perfect example of that in action. There is so much weed available around here it’s hard to decide where to start! Because there is a limited market there is fierce competition between the cannabis dispensaries, which means there are a lot of sales! Different cannabis dispensaries hold sales or events on different days to try and lure in more foot traffic. I always follow the sales, and haven’t paid full retail price for cannabis in over a year. For the most part, all three cannabis dispensaries carry the same products, with minor variations. There might not be every single strain of cannabis in common between the three stores, but it is usually pretty close. With that in mind, I don’t really care where I buy my cannabis, I just want to find those bargains and stack up some discounts! I feel justified in my frugal ways, because the cost of modern cannabis is really outrageous. I would start growing my own cannabis if I thought I would be any good at it, but there is no way I could produce the high quality stuff I find at the dispensaries. .

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