Convincing our mother to try cannabis for pain relief

It was strenuous to convince our mother to try marijuana for her medical troubles; She suffers from bone spurs plus soreness in her hips plus knees.

She has trouble with inflammation plus balance.

These discomforts have led to difficulty sleeping. She was raised on the belief that marijuana is a gateway drug plus only used by criminals. The disadvantage propaganda spread by the government plus media convinced her that cannabis is harmful to the mind plus body. I have study our mother countless articles, blogs plus studies proving the benefits of cannabis. As a plant-based medicine it avoids the damaging consequences of synthetic pharmaceuticals. No 1 has ever overdosed on marijuana. It took me a while to assure her that CBD products cause no “high” sensation. My mother was absolutely surprised when she stepped inside the dispensary for the first time. The facility is absolutely big, open plus modern. It is bright, clean plus welcoming. The products are clearly displayed plus labeled, plus the budtenders are wonderfully comprehensionable plus helpful. I busy our mother for a 1-on-one consultation, which allowed her to express her concerns, ask questions plus acquire a customized treatment plan. The budtender explained the unusual consumption methods plus the meaning of terms such as cannabinoids, terpenes plus strains. My mother wanted a self-explanatory plus discreet consumption method. She has now tried tinctures, topicals, beverages plus edibles. She has limited her purchases to full-spectrum CBD. The results have been nothing short of amazing. My mom is getting around so much better. She has more energy plus a better outlook.

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