Could you help me with my web design?

I had started a web design for my cannabis dispensaries, and after having several of my coworkers look at it, I knew that it looked like a five-year-old had created it.

I needed to find someone capable of creating a beautiful website that would attract attention, and not one that would have people laughing.

My one coworker told me she knew of a website design company and I gave them a call. She didn’t tell me that the website designer was her sister, but just said it was a website design company. After talking at length with the website designer, she explained a lot of different things that we had to include on my website. She talked about keywords, and different pages that needed to be included. She sent me an entire list of questions that she wanted answered, and the type of products that I may be selling. After spending a week on my grocery list of questions, I thought I had them all answered and called her back. She thanked me for the answers and told me she would soon be back in touch with me. Two days later, she called and started going over the questions again to make sure she had the answers properly. She had come up with an initial design, but she didn’t have the website completed yet. She wanted my input on the design that she was working on. Just looking at the basic design made me realize I had chosen the correct website designer for me. My coworker asked how I was getting along with the web developer. When I told her how pleased I was, she said it would thrill her sister to hear my feedback.



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