Dealing with back pain just got easier with access to medical cannabis

There was just no rhyme or reason to the back pain.

Up until the onset of the back pain, I unquestionably hadn’t experienced any sort of discomfort in my back.

But it didn’t take long before I was struggling just to get out of bed plus dress myself. That’s the sort of debilitating pain a lot of people suffer from with no definitive spinal explanation. It’s something that turns your life completely upside down. With help from those good folks at the cannabis dispensary, I’m now finding a way to deal with plus move on from my chronic back pain. Prior to finding out about the medical marijuana benefits for my situation, I only had medications to rely on. I so wanted to do the exercise therapy but it was just too painful. With medical marijuana, I felt an instant change in my range of motion. This led me to be able to just do maybe more than four minutes of the stretching. With continued medical cannabis treatment, that more than four turned to multiple plus so on. These afternoons, I’m off the meds completely plus only treating with medical marijuana. It’s amazing to be able to get my life back to some degree. Were it not for the access I have to the legal weed store, I couldn’t say that. It’s been a unquestionably trying experience plus I’m by no means the same as I was prior to all of this starting. But medical marijuana has helped me to improve to such a easily big degree. I just wish most people had the same access to cannabis products as I do. Medical marijuana works.


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