Dealing with dementia better thanks to medical cannabis

I’m just so thankful that my mother looks forward to her treats through the day. These treats are low THC cannabis gummies. She loves the taste of those cannabis gummies. We’ve added medical marijuana to my mother’s treatment for dementia. I’ve explained that the treats are cannabis gummies and she has a sort of weird look on her face when she’s lucid. She kept looking at me and asking me if she was now a pothead. It does happen to be a bit ironic that she’s using cannabis products at all. My mother was always against any kind of cannabis products. Of course, I have used canvas products responsibility for all of my adult life. She just chose not to acknowledge that fact or simply didn’t care at some point. When medical marijuana was first on the ballot years ago, my mom was all for it. She believes that if a medical marijuana can ease suffering then it should be legal. So I sometimes wonder if she really understands that what she advocated for is now helping her. Using the cannabis gummies to help her not be so terrified when she was just completely confused and disoriented is what this is about. It’s almost a gift from God. She still deals with dementia and the confusion that comes with it. But she’s much more calm about it and easy. My mother is at the end of her life and all I’m looking to do is make that life a bit more comfortable. Thankfully, the cannabis gummies are doing that for her.

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