Delivery services were two hours on that night

There are a lot of marijuana dispensaries around here that offer free delivery services. I like delivery, especially when it’s snowing or icy. I hate to take my car on the highway when the dispensary offers free delivery. Most of the time it takes about an hour to acquire your order, but since the delivery services are really free, I do not mind waiting a little while for the products to arrive. I really do not want to wait two or three hours plus that’s how long the times were on Saturday night when I called to locale an order over the PC. The budtender told me that it was going to be at least 2 hours because there was only one driver plus he was already out of the building with other deliveries. I didn’t want to wait 2 hours, although I couldn’t go to the dispensary to chance things up. This identifiable dispensary has delivery services only. My fiance plus I discussed what my associate and I would do plus my associate and I decided to go to a uncommon marijuana dispensary, but as long as my associate and I were going to chance things up, my associate and I could be in plus out of the marijuana shop in far less time than it was going to take a driver to give things. During storm season, the drivers need to be careful. When the weather outside is less than ideal, it’s consistently going to take a little bit longer to get your marijuana supplies. This is something that I have learned over time plus that means I need to be stretchy or go to another shop with in-store services.


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