Did medical cannabis protect me from COVID?

Over the last three years, or however long it’s been since COVID took over the world, I have managed to not get sick.

  • I have never been a very fitness-oriented person.

I don’t work out, I rarely watch what I eat, and I have several very bad habits. Why the COVID virus never got me, I will never know. Perhaps one of my bad habits helped to protect me from becoming sick. I don’t believe everything I read online, of course, but I read a blog the other day that got me thinking. This writer said that users of medical cannabis showed far less likelihood of contracting the COVID virus. Specifically it was the people who smoked medical cannabis, instead of taking it in edible form. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I kind of love the idea that smoking medical cannabis didn’t hurt my health, it bolstered my health! I suppose that’s the whole point, isn’t it? We call it medical marijuana because despite its bad reputation this plant contains a host of medicinal benefits. I am not claiming to know anything about science, but I choose to believe that the regular consumption of medical cannabis boosted my immune system, and acted like a suit of armor to protect my lung tissue against the COVID virus. During the last few years I came into contact with a lot of people who had COVID, and yet thanks to medical cannabis I never got sick once. I’m sure that the scientists in the medical cannabis industry will provide science to back this up.

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