Different edibles have different dosages

Different marijuana edibles have different dosages of THC and CBD.

There are a number of different cannabis Edibles for sale at the local dispensary.

The last time my friends and I visited that dispensary, we took our time to really look at all of the different cannabis Edibles that were available. I’ve been experiencing a lot of Sleepless and restless nights and CBD is supposed to be one of the most helpful forms of cannabis when it comes to insomnia. I wanted to find an edible with THC and CBD. I looked at the back of every package and then I decided to speak with one of the budtenders that was walking around the store. The guy told me that he often uses the chocolate bars for night time sleeping relief. The chocolate bars are a one-to-one ratio edible with THC and CBD. I decided to give the product a try, since it came highly recommended from someone that actually works in the store. The first night I decided to take a double dose of the product. I really wanted to see the effects in full force. When I finally fell asleep, I spent most of the night drooling on my pillow. I slept like a rock, but I cut the dosage in half and still slept well. I used the Cannabis and CBD Edibles every night for a week and the results were amazing. I slept eight hours each night when dosing with CBD one hour before bedtime. I also woke up feeling more rested and refreshed than usual.

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