Dinner was a really fun event

My girlfriend and I were invited to go to a friend’s house for dinner.

She was working on a few new dishes for her restaurant and they were going to be the type of dishes that included cannabis.

I thought that dinner would be a lot of fun and I was absolutely right. My girlfriend and I had a blast hanging out with the other couples that were invited to the dinner party. The marijuana products striked up a lot of great conversations. We started off with an appetizer that was infused with cannabis terpenes. The terpenes made the appetizer taste a little more earthy. The next food that we ate was a piece of fish that had oil that was soaked with cannabis. The cannabis oil added a nice flavor to the fish that I was not anticipating. I did not think that dinner was going to be as delicious as it was. I expected things to taste great, but all of the different flavor combinations were a huge surprise to my palate and my stomach. My girlfriend and I were stoned by the end of the evening, and especially after having dessert. Dessert included live rosin bombs that were brownies soaked in liquor. The evening was a great success in my opinion and I hope that my friend will be able to sell the menu. It might be hard to get people to come into the restaurant just to try all of the cool new cannabis menu items. If the advertising is right, the place could turn into a success overnight.

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