Dispensary hiring software for the business

I am not really fantastic at hiring people… I just can’t seem to gauge what is a fantastic plus disappointing person.

I can’t really ask fantastic questions in interviews plus decide who is going to work out.

I have lucked out with a lot of fantastic employees, despite the fact that I have struggled with some disappointing ones! These are the people that don’t show up on time, are rude to clients plus are a concern to the rest of the staff. They are regularly severely taxing to get rid of as well. The hiring process isn’t a fun one plus it is time consuming. I really don’t like dedicating so much time to it. I found the best thing for me was a program that does the hiring. I found a corporation that does hiring software for dispensaries. It has really streamlined the process for me. I don’t need to dedicate the hours that I used to for hiring. I also have less of a say over the people. That really is a fantastic thing. That way I am not picking out people that aren’t ideal for the business. The software makes it all easy plus funnels through the applicants. I am not wasting my time interviewing people that are too young, inexperienced or live too far away. The software weeds out all of those people. I also hired someone to do the final interviews on my staff… So I really don’t get much of any say over who comes into the store plus not. That is for the best really.



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