Dispensary includes delivery service

I live in an area with every different type of weather extreme.

The winters are well-known for sub zero temperatures, brutal windchill and record-setting amounts of snow accumulation.

Spring and fall can bring high winds, torrential downpours and thunderstorms. Our weather reports are constantly warning of blizzard conditions, snow flurries, freezing rain, flooding, hail and fog. I am not comfortable driving when the roads are even slightly unsafe. I become overly anxious, tense and sweaty. It is very helpful that I rarely need to leave the house during bad weather days. I handle my entire job online and can opt to work from home whenever I prefer. I’m able to have most everything I need delivered right to my door. I can go online, order groceries and have them arrive at my door within a couple of hours. I order pet food, linens, toiletries and even plants for my garden online. Just recently, the local cannabis dispensary added delivery to their services. This amenity is wonderfully convenient. At any time of day or night, I can browse their website. The dispensary’s menu allows me to customize my search by brand, category, consumption method, price, weight or potency. I can sort through their full collection of dried flower, check out their pre-rolls, shop edibles or choose from a wide variety of concentrates, beverages, topicals, vapes or tinctures. I can even add in gear such as rolling papers, a grinder or dab tool. I like to see what’s featured on the daily deal. Because I have enrolled in the dispensary’s loyalty plan, I earn rewards toward future savings on every purchase. My information is saved into the system, making the checkout process especially quick and easy. If I order a sufficient amount, the delivery is free.

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