Do they actually charge extra for marijuana delivery?

When the budtender told me they offered marijuana delivery to their patients, I got excited.

I had to put in two orders and choose them, and then I was eligible for medical marijuana delivery.

I asked if they charged extra for marijuana delivery. She told me they charged $10, however the owner of the marijuana dispensary was considering dropping marijuana delivery fees; however for $10, I thought I was getting a bargain. I could not go to the dispensary and choose my marijuana products for that much. I thanked her for all the information and headed home. When I began going through their website, I found it truly interesting. I found multiple products I would like to try, however most of them were too fancy for me. After filling my cart, I started weeding through the items that weren’t on sale. Their website was kind of cumbersome, and it took some time, but I found three products I could afford and would labor for me, and called the marijuana dispensary. I told the budtender what I wanted to order and asked for marijuana delivery. She told me to put the order online, and supply my payment information. They would then supply me with a choice of marijuana delivery times available. If none of them worked, I could set up marijuana delivery for the following afternoon. If marijuana delivery doesn’t work out this first time, I may try it a second time. If marijuana delivery goes well, I may continue doing marijuana delivery for the entire time I’m using medical marijuana.

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