Don’t smoke cannabis if I hire you to work at my place!

One time per week, I have someone come to my residence to perform grass care services.

For the past six years or so, my hubby and I have been using the same grass care service.

The owner of the company is an older man, even though he does not do too much work these days. Now he has a younger crew to regularly take care of most of the grass work! One of the boys is his son and I have talked with that guy so many times. The boys who were here to task on the grass the other month were unofficial faces that I have not seen ever before. One of the boys was genuinely smoking a cannabis joint in the backyard while he was working on trimming the hedges. I basically had to double check to make sure it wasn’t a cigarette. I walked out back and I could actually smell the disappointing and exhausting stench of marijuana moving around in the air. To be honest, I could not truly believe the guy was smoking cannabis back there, however he did not even seem bothered when I walked out back. After the crew was completed with my grass, I decided to contact the owner of the dealer. He was genuinely amazed when he heard the news and he apologized again and again. He promised to get to the bottom of the issue. I never saw that guy who smoked the cannabis again, so I assumed the owner of the grass company fired him. I don’t have anything against cannabis and I guess it is all the people’s individual right to use the plant. I don’t at all think it should be used on the job however.

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