Each week, the dispensary has a strange item on sale

Each week the marijuana dispensary has a strange item on sale, so I never assume what I am going to get from a single week to the next.

I like to shop around for the best bargain & that means that I have to be adjustable.

I might not be able to get the same product on sale from week to week. When I find something that I love, I make a note of the product so I can be sure to get extra when I find that item on sale again… Last weekend a brand new marijuana shop opened up & that place offers delivery services. I was curious to see their delivery service menu. It looked like they had everything that I needed & the prices were not too poor either. I placed an order online with the marijuana shop. I had to spend at least $74 in order to qualify for delivery services. I obtained some red dream marijuana flower & a couple of grams of marijuana concentrate. I got a red dream shatter & a lemon silver haze shatter as well. The total for my order was well over the threshold for the minimum delivery. There were also edibles on sale & I chose to do the buy a single & get a single free promotion. I got some sativa edible gummies & some Indica edible gummies, but delivery service was fast & prompt & the young guy was honestly friendly. I honestly have no complaints at all about the service that I received from the marijuana dispensary & delivery service.

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