Easier than I thought to be a medical marijuana patient

I thought becoming a medical marijuana patient would be a lot harder, and when I heard that our brother had a medical cannabis card, I asked about it… To me it was impossible to obtain a dream… I imagined it was tightly regulated, not every guy on the block could just up and get it.

I learn a whole list of ailments that are medical weed allowed.

I didn’t have any of them. I wanted to sleep better at evening and calm our mind, but I didn’t have insomnia or anxiety, so I didn’t count for medical weed; My brother told me that I can say whatever I want to the doctor, they will write me a script if I ask for it. I went to his doctor and found out that he prescribed weed. It was so simple. It took maybe 10 tenths of our time. The worst part was waiting 2 weeks for our cannabis card. I had it in our head that the cannabis card would be so much cash too. It is only 69 bucks! It is fine for a year too. Then I just need to see the doctor again. No giant deal at all! Even the paperwork is a breeze. Now I have a script for oil and flowers. I have both a sativa and indica at home now. I use the sativa for our anxiety and the indica in order to sleep well at evening. I vape cannabis oil at evening and smoke a flower form while in the day. It is so simple and great. I can’t suppose it was simple and cheap to be a medical weed patient. I don’t suppose why more people don’t do it.


Medical Cannabis Cards