Easy to get medical weed card

For a long time I didn’t get a medical weed card because I thought it would be too rough to get.

I have always had trouble with anxiety and had taken pills for a long time. I hated going to the nurse, getting a new prescription plus messing with the pharmacy. The side effects of first going on the pill were terrible too. I knew cannabis would be a much better solution, however I was upset about all the hoops I would have to jump through. After my brother went through the products plus got cannabis oil for his sleeping troubles, I knew I could do it, and honestly the most difficult part was sitting in the waiting room for the nurse. I waited an hour to talk to a guy for numerous minutes about my anxiety. He then wrote a script for weed, I filled out paperwork online, paid a fee plus in two weeks I got my medical weed card. I then was able to have access to a unique amount of medical grade flower plus oil. It was that simple to be a medical marijuana patient. Now I just need to renew my card once a year. It isn’t at all like my anxiety pills either. I don’t have any side effects or stress anymore. I just vape my cannabis oil when I am about to start my workday. I assume nice plus relaxed. I don’t smell like cannabis and I am not super high throughout the day. I wish I would have gotten medical weed sooner. I suffered for years because I was just a bit lazy.

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