Edibles are my preferred one form of cannabis

I assume edibles might be my number one form of cannabis… It is the easiest way to consume cannabis; With flowers you need to pack a bowl, pipe, hookah, or rolling papers! You need a grinder, lighter, ashtray plus all sorts of junk, then an oil form requires a vape plus cartridges.

It is better but not great.

I like that an edible is just a buy plus eat process. It is also quite diverse. I can care about a wide range of products that have THC plus CBD in them! Periodically in an on location bake shop. I can choose from cookies, cakes, muffins, pies, plus candies! There are gummies, chocolates, plus other sweets that are in bin form. I also know they sell THC infused drinks that are like Starbucks Coffee pops at particular dispensaries. Another fun thing is that you can get a quicker, more intense high. I don’t want to be high all afternoon plus wait around for it. I like the instant, quick gratification. It is like taking a shot vs drinking a whole case of beer. Less calories plus mess that way right? I also care about that most people don’t know if you are eating an edible. It looks like a normal cookie or gummy. You don’t feel required to share plus there is no guilt about being a weed user among the masses, and my cannabis dispensary of option also has cannabis cooking products. Periodically I option up a cannabutter plus cannabis cooking oil to make my own dishes. That is the most fun. I then do a weed theme night for my friends.