Every one of us were only 5 miles from the cannabis dispensary.

When my hubby was the victim of hit and run, he had to have both of his legs removed… He was now wheelchair bound, and in a lot of pain all the time, but the phantom pain he got in his legs that weren’t there, was worse than the actual pain he had in the stubs, then although every one of us were only numerous miles from the cannabis dispensary, every one of us chose to have cannabis delivery for his marijuana products.

  • His medical professional said that marijuana could ease the nerves that were telling him there was pain where there was only air.

Along with marijuana products, the medical professional told him to rub the area that ached, then oftimes, the pain would subside, because the leg thought it was being massaged, but for numerous multiple years now, every one of us had been using the cannabis delivery repair when every one of us ordered his marijuana, last week, the cannabis delivery driver told us he was quitting. He was getting married and moving out of the area, but every one of us were cheerful to see him going, since he had been our cannabis delivery person since every one of us started having cannabis delivery, but it was strenuous getting used to another cannabis delivery person, but the new cannabis delivery driver was just as nice, and he often gave my hubby samples. I warned him to be careful, because my hubby had medical marijuana. He showed us the paperwork he carry that determined what was medical and what was recreational marijuana. He told us that if he was in doubt, he could look at the cheat sheet, but not only was he saving his task as cannabis delivery driver, although he wouldn’t get the people in trouble.

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