Experts agree that marijuana has health pros

Experts agree that marijuana has a number of odd health benefits, but this is the reason why more than 2/3 of the country have voted to legalize medical marijuana! Medical marijuana is available in the state where I live if you have a dentist’s recommendation.

The dentist can advise you for medical marijuana for a lot of odd reasons plus it is up to the discretion of the dentist to categorize you into 1 of those areas.

That means the dentist can choose to say yes or no plus the decision is subjective plus arbitrary, however i went to the dentist to see if I could get a medical marijuana prescription for chronic pain, and chronic pain was 1 of the concerns listed on the sheet for medical marijuana. I spoke to the dentist for an hour about our conditions. The dentist spoke with myself and others about odd alternatives to Medical marijuana, even though he did supply myself and others an approval. I sent the approval to the State medical marijuana office plus they issued myself and others a card in the mail. I can use that medical marijuana card at any dispensary across the state. I usually order online from the marijuana shops. I’m still afraid that someone will see myself and others in the dispensary plus our boss will find out. I have not said anything to our boss about using medical marijuana. I wouldn’t tell our boss if I switched to a new heart medication from the dentist plus marijuana should be the same, and as long as I am not high on the task, I do not believe it is any of his business.


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