Finally got my medical weed card

My state is just not getting it together and becoming a recreational cannabis state. It would provide a lot of jobs and money to our area. Nope, we are still medical weeds only. I have dragged my feet on going through the process for so long. I finally decided that enough is enough. I just did what it took to be a medical marijuana patient. Now that I have done it, I have to say it isn’t as bad as I thought. It actually was quite straightforward. I needed to go to a doctor that could prescribe weed, answer a few questions and then I got a script. Online I was able to fill out paperwork, put in my script and pay a 75 dollar fee. Two weeks later I got my medical marijuana card in the mail. I then could go to the cannabis dispensary near me and get the prescribed weed. Now I can actually sleep at night. I have a tincture that I put a few drops in my nightly cup of tea. I have a blend of THC and CBD. It works really well. I get just high enough that I feel very mellow, but not so high that I can’t function. I then feel relaxed enough to wind down to sleep and just stay that way. Why can’t I have recreational weed? It is not like the marijuana plant is addictive and you can overdose. It is like having Advil, icy hot or some other boring pharmacy product. The stigma on cannabis really needs to change statewide.


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