Finding delicious, home-made CBD candies at a farmer’s market near me

Since I started dating my current girlfriend, I have slowly started going out again and exploring the city.

I was a homebody for the past three years and rarely visited the downtown district, except for shopping at specific stores. My partner loves going to public events, especially art festivals. She took me to a small blues and jazz festival last month and I had a blast. It’s refreshing to feel the sun on my skin and a breeze blowing through my hair. My home gives me a relative feeling of safety, but at the cost of keeping me in a state of self-confinement. Going out with my girlfriend weekly is starting to undo all of that, and I am thankful to experience and benefit from the changes. Every week we visit this farmer market that is near my apartment because of the delicious fresh fruit and vegetables that we get from one of the vendors. Recently we found a vendor that grows and processes his own hemp and CBD products. He sells these potent CBD candies that he makes at home with a unique recipe. They’re some of the most delicious and effective CBD candies I’ve ever had, in part because he uses a full spectrum CBD extract that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, and THCV. Compared to weaker cannabis gummies that are only made with pure CBD isolate powder, you get a slight “entourage effect” from the homemade CBD gummies at the farmer’s market. His prices can’t be beat either, so it’s a no brainer for my girlfriend and I.
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