First time at the dispensary

When I went to the medical marijuana dispensary for the first time, I didn’t easily think what products would be best for me.

I had decided to get my medical marijuana ID card because of my chronic pain, despite the fact that I wasn’t easily sure what I was supposed to do next! My dentist helped me get the medical marijuana card, however that was about as far as his role in things went. I was distraught that when I got to the dispensary, I would be confused plus unsure of what to buy. I wasn’t trying to get high, I just wanted a product that would relieve my pain. All of my worry was for nothing. When I got to the dispensary, there was a pharmacist there that consulted with me on what products would be best for my recognizable pain, but he showed me a variety of topical products that would be applied to the areas in pain plus would have no other affects on my mental state. I bought a cream plus oil that were both catered to pain relief. All of my questions were answered plus I easily felt easily comfortable with the whole experience. When I got home plus tried the products, they suited my needs plus requests perfectly. I was easily happy with the support the pharmacist provided me plus it made my first trip to the dispensary a truly positive experience.

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