Found just what I needed at the cannabis dispensary

I was really shy about going into the cannabis dispensary.

Coming from a background that was rooted in tradition, God and family, there wasn’t much room for anything like cannabis.

Marijuana was viewed as straight evil in my family and much of my community. Even when I went to college, I didn’t want to try recreational marijuana because of the stigma. I mean, I was hundreds of miles away from where I grew up and still, I was afraid of repercussions if I chose to use recreational marijuana. That’s the sort of stranglehold all those forced beliefs had on me. My parents did the best they could and brought me up the way they thought best. But it was also just dead wrong in a lot of ways. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor suggested that I use sativa and indica products as part of my treatment. My almost immediate response was simply that I couldn’t do that. That’s how entrenched those feelings were and I was in my 40’s! The doctor simply helped me understand that medical marijuana was completely legal and a valuable part of the treatment plan. The indica strains would help my body deal with the nausea from the chemo. And the sativa products would be helpful in that regard as well as being a positive mental and spiritual component to my situation. I went with the doctor on medical marijuana. Not only did the cannabis products get me through to remission, I have a whole new perspective on life as well.

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