Friendly competition between the cannabis dispensaries

During the days that we sold weed from my car’s back, we had a fierce competition.

I was one of 30 people that sold cannabis in the region.

Like other industry players, I protected our client lists and our territory so much. In fact I used to carry a gun then, not because I feared that my clients would rob me, but because I wanted to protect myself from other cannabis dealers! Back then this was a big struggle for the market share but thankfully this has changed because of the legalization clearance. Since I saved enough cash during those weed-dealing days, I found a company partner with a lot of ease. I currently manage a local, legal cannabis shop. The competition was certainly going to be fierce, but I was prepared. Fortunately, I found the other cannabis shop owners to be polite and respectful. A lot has changed since then and the enterprise is more of a legit business! Cannabis may be our inventory of choice, but it’s still just a commodity and we appreciate this. In fact, we have learned that by working together and not against each other, our cannabis shops keep prospering. Over the summer time we collectively want to sponsor a Cannabis Fest in the downtown area. All of our cannabis dispensaries will have a representation in booths & tents. Besides that, we are also going to have bands playing live songs all weekend. Also present will be food trucks, prizes & giveaways, as well as free samples of new cannabis products. Since none of the local cannabis dispensaries is able to do this alone, working together should be profitable for everyone. Feel free to come along to the Cannabis Fest later this summer.


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